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LED Ageing Line : We use this machine to test CFL/LED lamp during different voltage and temperature, specifaction designed based on buyer’s capacity. ALIG Conveyors follows all quality checks during making of CFL/ LED tubes. Our LED ageing machine is fully automatic, and capable of different capacity all plate have breaker to protect numbers of ageing and testing zone.

Conveyors with online current supply for electronics testing. The electronics appliance is supplied currentwhile moving on the conveyor. The ageing or testing of appliances is completed in a time controlled basis. Options of online single phase and 3 phase power supply. Different types of current collectors for continuous current supply to conveyor pallets or slats. Ageing lines can be configured in parallel running lines or multiple vertical tier lines for space saving.

Customized layouts using vertical and horizontal 90 degree And 180 degree transfer conveyors.

Constructions Extruded Aluminium sections, MS sections, SS sections.

LED Assembly and Ageing Line

We custom design and manufacture assembly lines & ageing lines for LED Bulbs. The line consists of array assembly on free flow chain conveyors. Through bus bar system a certain length of the conveyor is powered with single phase power supply for online testing of the fitted LED Bulbs. The assembly line is complete with accessories such as illumination, work instruction sheet display, tool hanger, pneumatic line for tools and other accessories.

Optional empty pallet return line integrated with pallet lifts is also usually provided on the assembly line. For ageing of the LEDs, a separate ageing loop can be created on the same level or above the conveyor, so as to save precious floor space. The ageing loop is integrated through PLC based systems for automatic transfer of LEDs from the main assembly & testing line. The ageing loop can be reconfigured for the time during of ageing using the control panel. Once the ageing process is completed the LED is automatically transferred back to the main assembly & testing line and can be further transferred on to an integrated packing line.